The Practical Engineer

Exploring the world by making things is one of the most satisfying things for me

I’m Emiel a maker with an education in engineering and a passion for experimenting, learning new skills and building cool things. Whether it is 3d printing, electronics or welding as long as I am creating cool things I am in my happy place.

As a kid I was always taking things apart just to see how they worked and what was inside. It was a lot later that I got the desire to create. On the internet I saw a picture of a lamp made from old cd’s and I just had to make one. Even though it was nice to build and turned out great it took some time before I really started making.

During my engineering study I realised it is really cool to design things and make them yourself. Quickly after I started making I realised that you get the most satisfaction and learn the best by just doing, trying, trying again and finally succeeding in the projects you care about.

My goal is to show the joy of experimenting and making. It is fun to try new things! By sharing my learning process throughout the projects in my video’s I encourage you to try, experiment, learn, make mistakes, fix them and solve problems and start making cool stuff!

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