Mastermilo is a unique Dutch YouTube channel dedicated to engineering. Milo is an engineer who gave up his normal job to become a full time YouTuber in order to build the crazy inventions he has

Jelle’s Marble Runs

This one’s for all the marbles! We are the creators of the Marble League (former MarbleLympics), Marbula One, Marble Rally and many other marble racing videos! With superior quality, a dedicated community and diverse content

The Practical Engineer

Exploring the world by making things is one of the most satisfying things for me I’m Emiel a maker with an education in engineering and a passion for experimenting, learning new skills and building cool


Iedere werkdag een nieuwe Werkplaatsvlog! Dit kanaal zijn we gestart om toch nog iets zinnigs te doen met alle content die we niet gebruiken op het kanaal Mastermilo82. Ook met dit kanaal doen we er